Types of Small Business Loans

calculator and moneySo, these are some popular options to chose from when getting a Small Business Loan. Now it’s time to decide which type of loan would be necessary. That’s right no two Small Business Loans are exactly alike and it might be a good idea to know some of the options that are available to those going into business for themselves.

Working Capital Loans: Offered by banking institutions offers individuals capital to help get the business up and running. This type of loan will cover all aspects of the business from buying supplies to paying employees. Keep in mind though this type of loan can come with a high interest rate.

Franchise Start-up Loans: Also provided by a bank is designed to help individuals open their own franchise of an established business chain.

Merchant and Lines of Credit: These are also provided by a bank to give individuals a cash flow of money coming in, similar to using a credit card with more of a limit.

Loan Program: The primary loan provided by the SBA for new business owners.

Micro Loan Program: Also provided by the SBA it’s recommended for those needed less money to start up their business.

debtThese are just some examples of the Small Business Loans that are out there. Some of the best advice for those starting out in business, do your research. Take time to be able to answer all the questions that could pop up along the way. Visit the SBA even if they aren’t the ones that you decide to go to for your loan, there is still good information to be found there. Starting a business of your own can be rewarding but planning properly can prepare the business for long term success.